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Please enter a password below to calculate the strength of the password. This won't upload your password, all calculations happen locally.

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Algorithm from KeePass

KeePass uses an advanced algorithm for estimating the quality/strength of passwords. It searches for patterns, like e.g. popular passwords (based on a built-in list of about 10000 most common passwords; variations by upper-/lower-case and L33t substitutions are detected), repeated sequences, numbers (consisting of multiple digits), constant difference sequences, etc. For each pattern combination covering the whole password, the cost (number of bits required to encode the data and the order of the pattern identifiers) is calculated. For encoding pattern identifiers, an optimal static entropy encoder is used. Each single password character forms a pattern of length 1 and is encoded using a character space-dependent damped static entropy encoder. The minimum pattern combination cost is used as the final quality estimation.